About Us

RFK Holdings, Inc. is a real estate development company born in Cebu, Philippines dedicated to building and selling design-oriented homes.

Founded by the husband-and-wife tandem of Richard Ray and Fiona King,  RFKHI came about because of the couple’s long search for the ideal home which would fit their personal preferences and budget. Their firsthand experience made them see the challenges that new couples also face when looking for a home.

Passionate about design, space planning, livability, construction integrity, and real value for money, the couple decided to start ACROPOLISLAND as a creative and exciting venture where they can help couples like themselves and build “real” homes for their new beginnings. ACROPOLISLAND is now a subsidiary of RFKHI as the company robustly grew with the success of several passion projects like BLOQ Residences.

ACROPOLISLAND, the name behind Cebu’s trendsetting project BLOQ Residences, was the initial company composed of the husband and wife tandem supported by like-minded consultants and peers. Led by the couple, the team firmly believed in the vision of creating a product for the unserved and previously ignored market segment of young professional Cebuanos and millennials.  BLOQ Residences shone the light on new real estate buyers–first time buyers–who would finally discover that real estate purchase need not be complicated, prohibitive, and frustrating. BLOQ Residences spoke the language of and pulsed with the heartbeat of the independent, ambitious, and hardworking young Cebuano who is at long last empowered to make the bold move of owning his or her own first home.

As BLOQ Residences and more projects of ACROPOLISLAND reached exponential highs, RFKHI rose as the holding company that expands the horizon for more ambitious projects that are poised to garner record-breaking sales in the various markets it serves.

Fiona King is a licensed real estate broker who figures actively in Cebu’s real estate scene; she was the 2016 President of  Philippine Association of Real Estate Boards,Inc-Cebu Real Estate Board, Cebu’s premier real estate board. She is now actively serving as Cebu Chapter, Vice-President for the Organization of Socialized and Economic Housing Developers of the Philippines OSHDP. She is also a dedicated mother of 4 who believes that the best is always within reach.

Richard Ray is a licensed civil engineer who has a strong appreciation for good architecture, and is a hardworking business strategist whose extraordinary talents range from finance to visual arts. He proves his mettle in numerous industries but remains strongly passionate about construction and design.


1. Value for Money

RFKHI aims to create optimum value for the homes we offer to our buyers. We choose the best possible locations within the city, planning every square meter of livable space well and creating homes that are affordable to the market we serve. We create value in using reliable construction methodologies, investing in tested and proven materials, and delivering firmly to our commitment of building with integrity, and based on all the right specifications.

2. Intelligent use of design

RFKHI values and develops our relationships with our architects and designers in creating beautiful, useful, livable, and practical spaces for all our buyers. Careful, personal planning is involved in every design and construction process.

3. Personal approach to creating homes

RFKHI holds this value dearest as we make sure to deliver products that are both our pride and joy. We cannot emphasize enough to our buyers that we will not deliver a product that we ourselves would not want to live in.

If you like what we do and what we stand for, drop us a line at [email protected]

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